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prettyxuseless's Journal

28 April
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a flock of seagulls, adam brody, afi, aim, alanis morisette, alkaline trio, all things french, animals, art, band shirts, beads, books, bowling, bowling for columbine, bowling shoes, boys, brand new, bright eyes, buttons, caffeine, cameras, candy, carebears, charmed, chefs, chevelle, cky, clothing design, coffee, coldplay, computers, concerts, converses, cooking, count the stars, cursive, cute stuff, dashboard confessional, death cab for cutie, desaparecidos, disco, disturbed, diy, do-it-yourself, dr bob, dr pepper, erase the grey, ferris bueller's day off, france, further seems forever, goldfinger, hal sparks, hello kitty, hot chocolate, hot hot heat, hott sexiness, jellies, johnny depp, king of the hill, kiss, lace, les savy fav, lollipops, long socks, making ugly things pretty, mc solaar, michael ian black, mo rocca, money, mr pib, music, my cd player, my hair, my little pony, my nephews, not bush, not feet, not homophobia, not war, orlando bloom, patches, peircings, peta, phantom planet, photography, pictures, poetry, q and not u, queen, radiohead, rainbow brite, rammstein, rasputina, re-creating clothes, reading, reading rainbow, root beer, roses, safety pins, sarcasm, school, scissors, sewing, shanehines, shoes, short hair, silverchair, sixteen candles, socks, soda, south park, speaking french, stars, stencils, swear bears, sweets, sylvia plath, system of a down, t & p, t-shirt surgery, t-shirts, tattoos, tea, tegan and sara, the 80s, the all-american rejects, the beatles, the bell jar, the breakfast club, the juliana theory, the simpsons, the smashing pumpkins, the white stripes, thrift stores, thursday, toi et moi, tv, vegetables, vegetarian, vegetarianism, vegetarians, vintage, wantingtodie, watches, wishbone, writing, yannick, you, zwan