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I'm happy to be home. I went to school to take my French test, and now I'm home. I should probably make bracelets. Hm.. yeah.

Where should I upload my photos?
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good stuff
why thank you.
why youre welcome :)
if you just wanna post 'em on websites like for backgrounds and stuff, i do villagephotos.com but sometimes its gay and doesnt go to the site. and if you want like a collection for people to look at, go to fotki.com bc its tight.
i love to make bead bracelets =) i used to wear a million but now i wear none. french is fun<33
yes i love french <3333
all french guys are hott. except for the ones that aren't.
Que pensez-vous de gars qui peuvent parler français mais ne sont pas français et ils sont beaux?
hmmm... OUI?

i only understood a couple words.
i'm in my first year of french =)
I said "what do you think of guys that can speak french but arnt french and they are hot."
Oh, haha. They're ok ;)
its all good im just teasing anyway

im not hot :P
:) i hope you had a good day today